Frequently asked questions

How do you ensure that links cannot be shared?
We detect in real time if the same link is viewed simultaneously on different devices and/or browsers. As soon as multiple devices are viewed simultaneously, a message will immediately appear that this is not allowed.
What about reliability?
We use proven technologies from Microsoft Azure for the encoding and distribution process of the videos. This makes our platform scalable to thousands of users simultaneously without capacity problems. In addition, we make it possible to simultaneously send the (live) recording of the video images to multiple physical data centers. This ensures that unexpected failure(s) in one of the data centers will not cause problems.
How many people can watch at the same time on the platform?
There is technically no limit to the number of simultaneous viewers. With Strozu you can reach large audiences across the world.
Is it possible to offer streams without ticket sales?
Yes, our customers are using this for various usecases. Think of conferences, lectures or album presentations, where free access or pre-distributed access codes are usually more desired then regular ticket sales.
How is the quality of the streams?
Our users are very happy with the quality of the streams produced with Strozu. We support Full HD (1920x1080) and with our CDN (Fastly), users all around the world report a top notch experiencc, where streams load very quickly and there is no intermediate buffering.
Do you support 'on demand' streams in addition to live streams?
Yes, this is possible. You can even configure for how long a user can watch the video.

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